Power Line Wraps

Power Line Wraps

Insulating power lines can ensure the safety of workers around exterior scaffolding, without the expense or inconvenience of turning off power to the property.

Are you thinking of getting scaffolding on your house but have powerlines close by? Are you getting the exterior painted or roof cleaned? Having skylights put in or new spouting that requires scaffolding? Have you stopped to think about the position of your power lines running into the property?

Regulation states that scaffolding and workers must be a certain distance away from any live power lines. Previously, you might have been able to work around them or pay the costly option of having the power switched off, but now there’s a less costly alternative – wraps that insulate the power lines making them safe to work around.

Power line protection wraps are a cost-effective solution with many benefits including:

  • A safe way to work at height around electrical cables

  • A visual reminder to all those on site that power lines are in the area

  • A fast option when you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently

  • A cheaper alternative to switching off the power

  • The ability to erect scaffolding closer to power lines

Our power line insulation is double insulated and strictly tested to ensure adequate protection. Scaffolders, builders and painters regularly work with A1 Electrical to have power line protection installed. This is because A1 Electrical ensure all safety wraps are installed in accordance with Worksafe Health and Safety Guidelines and everyone working onsite is aware of their responsibilities.

At each site, we carry out a job safety analysis to ensure that the power line wrapping is done safely, so you can be assured that you and anyone working at your property will be protected. For a cost-effective solution that means far less downtime, talk to the team at A1 Electrical. Call us today on 021 453 193.