Alterations & extensions

Electrical alterations & extensions

No matter what size your electrical alteration & extension project is, our team will get it completed on time and at a competitive price. 

From residential electrical alterations, to heating or commercial projects - we will get it done to the highest standard. 

We meet with you and/or your builder on site to go over your requirements for your alteration & extension work to make sure the job runs seamlessly from the start.  Any variations to your job will be discussed with you and priced so there is no nasty surprise at the end or your project.

Our team of experienced Dunedin electricians will complete your work to the highest standard all while keeping you informed on your projects developments.

On completion of your alteration & extension we will provide you with a certificate of compliance, you will need this for your bank, insurance company and for resale.

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

Electricians must issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) to customers when doing any fixed wiring work, including fitting new power points. COC's are not issued for maintenance work, such as replacing sockets and light fittings or repairing appliances.

The COC indicates that the work done is electrically safe and has been carried out in accordance with New Zealand’s electrical safety standards and codes. It also shows they have tested their work once completed.

Keep your COC in a safe place as a record of the work done on your property. It is an important document and may be required for insurance claims or when you are selling your home.

A COC guarantees that the work: