Electrical Rewiring

Switchboard Electrical Upgrades & Rewiring

Switchboards are an important feature in your property. These are upgraded from the existing ceramic rewireable fuse or old porcelain devices, to a flush mount board, including new circuit breaker and RCD protection.

Why should I rewire my house?

A rewire is advised if you are living in a pre 1960 home. Chances are you are living day to day unaware of the conditions of the rubber (TRS) or VIR (vulcom indian rubber). A rewire replaces this cabling with new TPS up to current AS / NZS 3000 : 2000 standards.

The most common time that people have to deal with their electrical wiring is when a fuse blows or circuit-breaker trips. 

The permanent cabling and fittings in your home are called electrical installations. A1 Electrical Contractors are experienced Dunedin electricians with carrying out work on electrical installations and fittings.

Electrical installations can age and can become overloaded, particularly in old homes where the wiring was not designed for the number of electrical appliances in use today.

Warning signs that the installations in your home are becoming dangerous include plugs and sockets that are hot to the touch or have brown scorch marks on them, fuses that blow and circuit breakers that trip for no reason, and flickering lights.

These signs may mean that the wiring in your home needs upgrading. If you are concerned, contact A1 electrical contractors today. When buying a house, or if you notice any of the above warning signs, have us carry out an electrical inspection on the internal wiring. Our experienced electricians will tell you if repairs are necessary and will provide you with an estimate cost.

 For Dunedin electricians who specialise in rewiring, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote 021 453 193