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Pip Reid - Traquair Station

Our business requires ongoing electrical maintenance. It is very important to us that the standard of all wiring, including metre boards and switch boards, is maintained. Some aspects of the farm infrastructure are now gaining age and since venturing out to operate the business on our own, about 5 years ago, the opportunity arose to source a new electrical firm.

We are happy working with A1 Electrical and their staff are happy working with us. I find they have no discrimination toward me being a woman. The A1 Electrical staff are polite and pleasant, well presented with tidy work habits and know what they are doing and are qualified.
Being a farming operation, the knowledge required is diverse. For example, pumps to take water from springs to house supply storage tanks, electrical wiring needing replacement in smelly and dirty locations, and occasionally (by accident) lives wires needing immediate attention. This means an electrician on site ASAP. Not always the easiest when location is rural. We really appreciate their promptness to the job. A1 Electrical deliver!

Darren is consistently available to deliver his expertise, by phone, email and/or in person on site, with promptness and a smile. The accounts are detailed and fair. Yes, we recommend A1 Electrical to all discerning electricity users. Darren, Phillipa and their staff are a pleasure to work with.


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